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Documentary TV is one of the fastest growing categories of television programming. Documentary TV series are populating the schedules of channels in the U.S., Europe and worldwide. Types of Documentary television series shown on Documentary TV channels include: Documentary TV shows, Reality TV series, TV documentaries, and more.

Documentary TV: Weekly Newsletter is the leading expert newsletter. Each week, Peter Hamilton’s Documentarytelevision covers the latest in Television documentaries, and how Documentary TV channels schedule Documentaries on TV. His ‘indispensable’ e-newsletter serves documentary network executives, producers and industry professionals by providing current information about deals and trends.

The Television documentary originated in the UK and France, where individual Documentary television programs remain well-established, and where the genre of ‘TV documentary’ expanded to include TV documentary series.

documentary tv expert, Peter HamiltonDocumentary TV Expert: Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton has authored several books that are valued by industry professionals and students, including the classic Off-Hollywood: The Making and Marketing of Independent Films(David Rosen, co-author, in association with The Sundance Institute and the Independent Feature Project).

Peter Hamilton is also the co-executive producer of THE SHOT FELT AROUND THE WORLD, a TV documentary about Jonas Salk and his polio vaccine that premieres in 2013 on the Smithsonian Channel (US).

EDN is a meeting point for all professionals, who work with documentary film and TV.

EDN has over 1000 members from more than 60 countries. They are documentary production companies, producers, directors and other documentary film professionals, distributors, associations, film institutions & boards, broadcasters, universities and festivals. EDN is open for both experienced and newcomers in the documentary field from the whole world.

About Peter Hamilton,

Peter Hamilton publishes, a TV industry newsletter on how to produce a documentary TV special and reality television series. His expertise is unscripted TV, the documentary budgetfunding a documentaryselling a documentary, and how to make a documentary.


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