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The Rise of Netflix Increases Pressures on Producers. My Big Takeaways for 2018

Here are my key Takeaways for 2018. It was the year in which Netflix accelerated its challenge to the entire film and television eco-system, with the Amazon behemoth adding to the disruptive force of online video. 1.Channels Under Threat. Factual commissions boomed since the mid-Eighties. A tiny documentary market exploded into the global Unscripted industry […]

PBS History Programming: Audience & Pipeline. Top 5

This post continues my coverage of the PBS audience for History and Science for delegates attending WCSFP Congress in San Francisco. The focus here is on the strands American Experience, American Masters and Secrets of the Dead. Also profiled are the highest-rated PBS History specials and limited series outside the strands. Next post: The Vietnam War.

PBS Science Audience: Top 5 Non-NOVA Series & Specials, 2015-17

PBS commissions Science specials and series in addition to the NOVA pipeline. Top 5 Non-NOVA Science: Update “Farthest – Voyager In Space” is a standalone special produced by HHMI Tangled Bank Studios for PBS, and not a Secrets Of The Dead episode. Context: PBS’s average primetime rating is 1.41. That translates as an audience of 2,116,000

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

PBS Series Ranker: The Audience For History & Science Strands, 2014-2017

Science and History programs are anchors of PBS’s programming strategy. This series of posts covers the audience and pipeline for these two popular genres. The Big Picture Chart: Strands: Science: NOVA. History: American Experience, American Masters and Secrets Of The Dead. Other genres captured in the Series Ranker are Drama (Masterpiece Theater, until recently driven by Downton

Audience Ratings Information for Producers: Arming Yourself for Negotiations

Producers are at a big disadvantage in negotiations with U.S. networks because they lack industry information such as program ratings, network distribution trends, and network revenues. Best Deal We create customized reports for each producer that provides the knowledge that they need to get the best deal in the US marketplace. The reports include complete

“Hands & Pans”: Tasty’s Cooking Format Burns the Food Network in the Online Video Economy

Tasty is enjoying a meteoric rise driven by its low budget, fixed-camera cooking format and Facebook distribution. It is a Case Study in how viewing on Facebook is hurting leading cable channels like the Food Network, and in turn, damaging Discovery‘s valuation. Hands & Pans: Tasty is a BuzzFeed division that produces and shares content related to comfort

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Facebook Dominates While Newspaper Publishers Pivot to Video: Takeaways for Channels?

Print publishers like The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Guardian are pivoting to video. However, their turn to video fuels Facebook‘s dominance of Social Media while adding costs to the suffering newspaper business model. Strategy: The strategy of former print media players is to: Integrate video into their online reporting, and Commission short-form documentaries

U.S. Factual Networks, 1Q 2011: Who’s Hot? Who’s Not!

How are they doing this year? John Morse, president of the research firm Byron Media continues his quarterly snapshot of how U.S. Unscripted channels are gaining or losing prime time viewers year-to-year. Our selection is not apples-to-apples: It includes channels that are dedicated to Docs and Unscripted, for example Nat Geo and Discovery And others