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TRUE CRIME BOOM: “Where’s OUR Quiet on Set?” by StoryCentric’s Ed Hersh

By Ed Hersh, StoryCentric, New York. The popularity of True Crime programming across all platforms — broadcast, cable, streaming, and podcasting — continues to defy gravity. Peter reported just last month that True Crime dominates all other genres in terms of net added programs on four of the Big 5 major streaming platforms. And of

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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Dawn Porter, Sundance Finalist and MIPDOC Keynote on her Productions and their Inspirations

At MIPTV in Cannes, I caught up with Dawn Porter multiple Sundance finalist and this year’s MIPDOC keynote speaker. In our latest Documentary Business webinar, Dawn describes how her Harlem family, and particularly her great, great uncle Paul Robeson provide values that inspire her filmmaking. We discuss her recent projects as well as her present

ANZAC Day & the Aussie Prince. How Rupert Murdoch Learned from his Kingmaker Father. My Rafah Connection

How did Rupert Murdoch become Rupert? My short answer: Look to the father! Keith Murdoch was the Australian kingmaker who taught the young Rupert how to forge political influence from media ownership. For Australia’s solemnly observed ANZAC Day (April 25), I reposted my reflections on how the disastrous Gallipoli campaign launched the Murdoch dynasty that enabled Brexit, Fox News, the Trump