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Netflix Dominates the Streamers: Comparing 2023’s Most Viewed Unscripted Shows

Netflix rolls on, leaving its competitors far behind! Netflix just announced the second largest quarterly uptick in subscribers (13.1 million) in the company’s history, second only to Q1 2020 (15.8 million), which benefitted from the onset of the COVID pandemic. Cutbacks in spending on programs and marketing by Netflix’s streaming rivals is a key factor […]

The Great Contraction and the Business of Non-Fiction: PGA Member Webinar

I’m delighted to join the PGA’s Documentary & Non-Fiction Committee as a featured speaker with UTA’s Kellen Alberstone at our Live webinar exploring the state of the unscripted economy. The Great Contraction and the Business of Non-Fiction. Tuesday, January 16 at 2:00 PM PST | 5:00 PM EST. Moderator: David Scott. (An exclusive live webinar

Documentary Landscape: Year-End Snapshot. A Pact Webinar with Dan Salerno

I spend many hours in conversation with veteran programming executive Dan Salerno interrogating the industry data and charts that land on our desks. We always ask ourselves: What does the data reveal for factual producers? Today’s webinar recaptures the spirit of those conversations by exploring the trends revealed by six slides. This is episode #9

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Docsville: The Streaming Home for Amazing Indie Documentaries

Docsville is the real streaming destination for independent, thought-provoking and inspiring global documentary films. Docsville is designed for viewers who are looking to better understand our world and the key challenges of our time. Its curated offering spans the climate crisis to racism & inequality, true crime and inspiring personal stories. Docsville is your home

Scandi Prison Reform Comes to Chester, Pennsylvania. A $600k Nordic Coproduction Case Study

More than 100 million Americans, myself included, share the harrowing experience of being involved with a family member caught up in the nation’s notorious prison system. American jails rely heavily on punishment versus rehabilitation. But there are stories of hope. Swedish filmmakers Tomas Lindh and John Stark just premiered on SVT their absorbing series that

Desktop Doc Netflix course

True Crime All the Time: Bulk Gives Way to Bespoke

by Ed Hersh If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t yet believe that the media ecosystem is shifting under our feet, the tumultuous events of the last few weeks at Netflix, Warner/Discovery and CNN certainly should convince you. And nowhere can you see these shifts more clearly than in the still-burgeoning field of True Crime