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Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

CNEX Chinese Doc Forum: Dan Salerno Reports on the Booming Asian Market from CCDF, Taipei

The 14th annual CNEX Chinese Doc Forum (CCDF) just wrapped up in Taipei, Taiwan, where industry veteran Dan Salerno immersed himself in the booming Asian documentary scene. From September 22 to 25, CCDF brought Taiwanese and Chinese documentary filmmakers together with industry professionals for a productive pitching forum that rivals its Western equivalents. Presenting for

HGTV & Food: Dan Salerno’s Program Schedule Analysis & Takeaways For Producers. A Pact Webinar

HGTV and Food Network are among Discovery Networks’ ratings leaders. How are these female-targeted Lifestyle channels adapting to the accelerating shift to the streaming economy? Will Discovery’s channels really order 4,500 new hours in 2023? What do HGTV and Food want from producers? Veteran programming executive and respected senior consultant Dan Salerno continues his unique,

Desktop Doc Netflix course

True Crime Boom: “Sex, Lies…” and the Latest Commissions & Acquisitions

With Peacock’s Sex, Lies and the College Cult and Netflix’s Madoff we continue our coverage of the booming True Crime genre. Here below is Part 3 of Camran Shealy’s snapshot survey of 20+ recently announced or released projects. More: Part 1 includes The Tinder Swindler.  Part 2 leads with Worst Roommate Ever. In my Pact