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True Crime Boom: “Sex, Lies…” and the Latest Commissions & Acquisitions

With Peacock’s Sex, Lies and the College Cult and Netflix’s Madoff we continue our coverage of the booming True Crime genre. Here below is Part 3 of Camran Shealy’s snapshot survey of 20+ recently announced or released projects. More: Part 1 includes The Tinder Swindler.  Part 2 leads with Worst Roommate Ever. In my Pact

Shedding Light on the Business of the Documentary Business. 2022 Report Card. Mission for 2023

My unchanging editorial goals since launching my Documentary Business newsletter in 2011 are to: Capture in a few words how the ever-evolving unscripted ecosystem shapes opportunities for industry veterans and rookies alike, and Publish detailed Case Studies that reveal how productions that aren’t by award-winning A-listers are developed, funded and ultimately delivered to grateful audiences.

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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