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Netflix Dominates the Streamers: Comparing 2023’s Most Viewed Unscripted Shows

Netflix rolls on, leaving its competitors far behind! Netflix just announced the second largest quarterly uptick in subscribers (13.1 million) in the company’s history, second only to Q1 2020 (15.8 million), which benefitted from the onset of the COVID pandemic. Cutbacks in spending on programs and marketing by Netflix’s streaming rivals is a key factor

The Great Contraction and the Business of Non-Fiction: PGA Member Webinar

I’m delighted to join the PGA’s Documentary & Non-Fiction Committee as a featured speaker with UTA’s Kellen Alberstone at our Live webinar exploring the state of the unscripted economy. The Great Contraction and the Business of Non-Fiction. Tuesday, January 16 at 2:00 PM PST | 5:00 PM EST. Moderator: David Scott. (An exclusive live webinar

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Documentary Landscape: Year-End Snapshot. A Pact Webinar with Dan Salerno

I spend many hours in conversation with veteran programming executive Dan Salerno interrogating the industry data and charts that land on our desks. We always ask ourselves: What does the data reveal for factual producers? Today’s webinar recaptures the spirit of those conversations by exploring the trends revealed by six slides. This is episode #9

Netflix Dominates the Streamers: The Comparative Audience Makes a Big Statement

Netflix dominates its streaming competition. Spell that D-O-M-I-N-A-T-E-S! My survey of the audience for US streamers in 3Q’23 focused on the Top 2 Documentary and Reality programs for eight platforms. The chart tells the story: Legend The blue bar represents the US audience in thousands for the highest-rated unscripted program for each streamer in August

WB Discovery’s ID Network Orders Originals. Pact Webinar with Dan Salerno

Warner Brothers’ ID: Investigation Discovery network is actively ordering new originals. While many legacy channels are cutting back on their commissions, ID‘s strategy is relatively unchanged in the streaming era. What is ID buying? Veteran programming executive Dan Salerno, answers this question and more in our latest webinar. This is episode #7 in a series on

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Reelz Explodes into the Top-Tier of U.S. Networks. How They Did It! A Pact Webinar

Reelz is currently the most-watched U.S. entertainment network on Fridays and Saturdays. It has not just grown, but exploded into a top-tier service — and in a matter of weeks! Veteran programming executive and respected senior consultant Dan Salerno continues his unique, deeply-researched strategic analysis of U.S. network schedules. How does the success of On

How to Pitch Your Documentary & Reality Series to Streamers & Channels. Webinar with Steve Harris, Veteran Exec & Producer. Tues June 28, 10am/Pacific

Steve Harris bursts with inspiring insights into the pitching process. He has a gift for breaking out the key qualities for a successful pitch. As my charismatic, globe-trotting co-presenter, Steve has shared his insider knowledge to grateful producers at WESTDOC (LA), AIDC (Adelaide), Sunny Side (La Rochelle), and more. He draws on his veteran experience