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Happy Nyala Year: Wishing You Every Success in 2024!

  I dipped into my African photo library to celebrate the New Year because the pic of my surprise meeting with the superb Nyala somehow captures why so many of us do what we do. We search out the people, places, creatures, and landscapes that inspire compelling storytelling. My editorial goal for Documentary Business is to throw […]

Vacation. Coming up: Dan Salerno webinar and MIPDOC

I’m enjoying time with family in Melbourne and posting infrequently. Thanks to all of you who registered, attended and followed up after our Show&Tell workshop. Coming up: March 24: my Desktop Documentaries webinar on the unscripted buying strategies of channels & streamers with programming guru Dan Salerno April 4-6: MIPDOC returns to Cannes. I’ll moderate

Happy Holidays from Stockholm: Wrapping up 2021. Excited about 2022!

  Wishing my friends and colleagues a happy holiday season from Stockholm! Our family is gathering in Uppsala for Christmas; its the first time that we’re all together since 2019! For 2022, I’m excited about providing you with more analysis and context, particularly covering how the revolutionary shift from channels to streamers is impacting documentary

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Many thanks to my sponsors, contributors and more than 20,000 readers. A particular thanks to ITN Source for supporting our original analysis of the comeback for archive-based programs. Thanks also to the conference and workshop programmers who we have been so honored to work with. Publishing is a lot of

Documentary vs Reality TV: Who’s Winning the ‘Battle of Google Books’?

Here’s a holiday trivia question: How frequently are ‘Documentary‘ and ‘Reality TV‘ mentioned in the vast library of Google-scanned books that were published between 1900 and 2008? When does ‘Documentary‘ peak? After 2000: Is there a vertical curve for references to  ‘Reality TV‘? For the surprising answers, check out Google Books Ngram Viewer And read the NY Times to learn


Welcome to, your new, free guide to the ever-changing business of factual television. I’m Peter Hamilton. Born in Melbourne, based in New York, and serving clients worldwide. Whenever I speak at industry conferences, attendees line up to express their thanks that someone is giving them ‘the hard facts’. Their gratitude has evolved into the mission of