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Webinar: Getting to Greenlight: Five Key Success Factors for Non-fiction Producers

Getting to Greenlight: Five Key Success Factors for Non-fiction Producers

On Thursday, June 20th, I hosted a webinar with my special guest, veteran U.S. programmer Ed Hersh.

Ed Hersh

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Ed is a media executive and strategist whose career encompasses print, broadcast and documentary journalism, non-fiction cable production and programming, and the rapidly evolving multi-platform environment. His focus is on creating signature storytelling and compelling content.

He currently serves as Chief Creative Officer of StoryCentric LLC, a New York‐based company that he founded in 2007 to provide business, development, production strategy and insight to content producers, networks and distributors. Ed is a member of the adjunct faculty of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications.

As a production and programming executive at ABC News, A&E, Court TV, and Discovery Communications, he was responsible for developing, commissioning and supervising production of hundreds of hours in niches and formats that include History, Crime, Reality, Feature Documentary, Specials and Series, and much more.

In’s first Webinar, we covered strategies and tactics for improving a producer’s chances of success in navigating the network development process. And we explored how networks develop concepts from the pitches, through green light to transmission…and what YOU can do make sure you’re pitching the right way.

Here is one of Ed Hersh’s slides:

I brought my own deep expertise as senior consultant to leading nonfiction networks on their program management strategies and practices to the call. The issues that I explored with Ed have been analyzed and constantly updated in my numerous workshops and panels for producers and network executives at MIPDoc, Real Screen, AIDC, Hot Docs Sunnyside and elsewhere.


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Getting to Greenlight: Five Key Success Factors for Non-Fiction Producers