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The Truth About Netflix: Free Webinar with Show&Tell’s Keith Ochwat, February 17, 4pm ET

A brief message about Netflix from Keith Ochwat, founder of Show&Tell. He and I will be presenting a free webinar on Netflix on Thursday, 2/17 @ 1pm PT. I hope you’ll join us.

As filmmakers, we can’t even think about distribution without Netflix lingering too far from our minds.

I know this firsthand. For my last documentary film Age of Champions, I dreamt of a Netflix deal while I was still in production and tried for years to get one….then I ended up getting acquired.

The details? Only $61,000 of the $1,543,000 in revenue we raised with Age of Champions came from their global Netflix streaming deal, Kanopy deal, and all other distribution deals…combined. I gave way too much attention to getting a deal for what I got out of it.

Deal: The Facts

Making a Netflix deal is a goal for many of us documentary filmmakers, but before you exert too much time and energy, you need to know the truth.

Our Netflix Webinar

During a special upcoming webinar co-hosted with legendary distribution strategist, Peter Hamilton, we’ll discuss:

  • Netflix’s programming strategy: originals & acquisitions
  • How much Netflix pays for features, shorts, and series
  • Mechanics of deals with Netflix
  • Are coproductions on the rise?
  • The SVOD landscape of major streamers

Hope to see you there!

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Keith Ochwat

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