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Wild Talk Africa, Durban

WTAsmallA few moments ago I passed grazing giraffe in Hluhluwe Wildlife Park north of Durban.


I’m helping judge the films submitted for awards at next week’s Wild Talk Africa conference, where I’m presenting or moderating these panels:


This session is a must for those hoping to get a bite from the attending commissioners or preparing for the Open Pitching Sessions. Get useful tips on the the do’s and don’ts of pitching, and how to handle those hard hitting comments and turn it around to your advantage.

2. CROWDSOURCING FOR FILMMAKERS, with Daniel Neville – CEO Idea Bounty, Colwyn Thomas – To Skin a Cat, Rowan Pybus – Makulu Productions, Patrick Schofield – Thundafund.

In this seminar, we will analyze Crowdsourcing and how it can be applied to the world of filmmaking. Crowdsourcing is a form of engagement; it draws a large pool of contributions from a variety of different people. These contributions can be in the form of content, work, creative input or money and this exchange often happens on an online platform. In this seminar we explore the world of crowdsorurcing and crowdfunding looking at the different online platforms and endless possibilities.

3. 25th July – 13H00 – 14H30 TRENDS IN NATURAL HISTORY TV

Peter will conduct a workshop in “The Business of Wildlife Television – What are the networks buying? What do they pay? What are the Trends” wherein he uses his research framework that segments the television market into Blue Chip or Signature programs, character-based series, and formats. He will analyse programming trends in Natural History amongst the major commissioners and buyers in the U.S., Europe, Japan and elsewhere.