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DISCOP AFRICA 2014: A Bustling and Optimistic Event. Videos & Takeaways

Last week’s DISCOP in Joburg was a revelation.

Africa has scale. And is coming alive:

  • A continent-wide market of 1.2 Bn people.
  • New channels and platforms are being launched across 55 countries.
  • 30% year-to-year growth in attendance at the market.
  • And an uplifting, optimistic atmosphere.

Sales! What Sales?

  • Annual TV sales in Africa have shot up to $500 Mn.
  • No big deal, you say? Discovery alone is spending $2Bn+ on original programs this year.
  • But I remember being in Discovery’s Landover office, enjoying an equally youthful and can-do vibe, and sitting in on meetings to consider Discovery’s very first 2-3 original commissions. The 2nd doc may have been on ‘Africa’s Great Migration.’

I recorded several mini-interviews to capture the vibe and the key issues:

1. About DISCOP

Patrick Jucaud-Zuchowicki
General Manager, DISCOP

  • 9th edition
  • 2,000 participants
  • 1,500 companies
  • 75 countries
  • 500 independent producers

2. A Young Producer: My First Market

Sivu Giba
FOP Films, Cape Town

3. Market Analyst: Where is the Money?

Russell Southwood
Publisher of BalancingAct Africa, UK
His firm is the leading provider of IQ and data on all things related to African video, digital, telephony, and more.

payTV Africa_2014

Balancing Act’s hockey stick chart captures the projected growth of PayTV subs in the rest of the decader.

4. An Established Nonfiction Producer: What Next?

Michael Lee
Indigo International, Joburg

5. An Emerging Government Funder: Kenya

Chris Foot
Chairman, Kenya Film Commission, Nairobi



  • I’ll look into some of the challenges and opportunities that caught my attention.
  • And see many of you at Congress in Hong Kong! Always a treat.


Upcoming Conferences / Presentations

World Congress of Science and Factual Producers
Hong Kong
Window On South Africa

Friday, Nov. 21 09:45 am – 10:45 am

With the explosion of digital channels and web streaming, science and knowledge television is taking off in South Africa—but what about opportunities for co-production?

Session Producer
Pascal Schmitz, Co-Owner and Director, AAA Entertainment/Owner, Amariam Pictures + Amariam Productions (RSA)

Lehlohonolo Mokhosi, Deputy Director, Film and TV Production Incentives, Department of Trade & Industry (RSA)
Tshego Molete Khanyile, Producer, Happy Brown Babies (RSA)
Nisha Naidoo, The Creative Advantage (RSA)
Joseph Oesi, Director/Producer/Cinematographer, Hambrook Communications (RSA)

Peter Hamilton (Melbourne/Brooklyn)