Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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NEWF Pan-African Wildlife Congress: Breakout Funding by Nat Geo Society. Webinar with Noel Kok

I caught up with Noel Kok, the co-executive director of NEWF, Africa’s Nature, Environment & Wildlife Filmmakers Congress. In our webinar, Noel described how NEWF moved at full speed into training and mentoring filmmakers from all over Africa from its Durban base and brand new facility nearby in KwaZulu Province. National Geographic Society‘s Storytelling Program is NEWF’s […]

The American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Gold Award for STAR CHASERS OF SENEGAL from Terra Mater Studios & NOVA

STAR CHASERS OF SENEGAL has won the American Association for the Advancement of Science‘s prestigious Gold Award in the Video In-Depth category. A NOVA documentary from Terra Mater Studios for PBS, the AAAS award-winner traces the heritage and future of African astronomy through the eyes of a visionary Senegalese astronomer trying to spur the establishment

President Awards Nation’s Highest Honor to Indie Director, DP and PBS NOVA

President Macky Sall awarded the National Order of the Lion, Senegal’s highest honor to director Ruth Berry, NOVA’s Chis Schmidt and DP Bernhard Popovic in Dakar. The occasion? The packed theatrical premiere screening of Star Chasers of Senegal, a Terra Mater Studios / NOVA co-production. Star Chasers features the story of astronomer Maram Kaire and his

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Love Nature Gives Back: “Chasing The Rains” and more at Wildscreen Festival

Momentum is building for the natural history filmmaking industry to play a role in global conservation. Increasingly, producers and platforms are building conservation messages and sustainability practices into wildlife and nature content. A great example of this is a new social responsibility initiative from Love Nature, called Love Nature Gives Back. It launched earlier this

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Selling OCTOPUS to Netflix. A podcast with executive producer & distributor Ellen Windemuth (reposted)

Ellen Windemuth executive produced Craig Foster‘s beautiful film MY OCTOPUS TEACHER, a new Netflix release. (Now OSCAR-shortlisted, I’m republishing my popular September 2020 podcast with Ellen in response to the undiminished hit-level appeal of “OCTOPUS” to Netflix subscribers of all ages and territories.) She describes the years’ long journey of her friend, South African wildlife

Today’s discovery+ launch spotlights David Attenborough’s 10 years of ratings dominance

David Attenborough is a promotional hook for Monday’s long-awaited launch of discovery+. The 94-year old legend narrates A Perfect Planet, a blue chip series that stands out among the new streamer’s higher quality programs. I am in awe of Attenborough’s lifetime contribution to documentary filmmaking. I earned a credit on one of his hit series.