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NEWF Pan-African Wildlife Congress: Breakout Funding by Nat Geo Society. Webinar with Noel Kok

I caught up with Noel Kok, the co-executive director of NEWF, Africa’s Nature, Environment & Wildlife Filmmakers Congress.

In our webinar, Noel described how NEWF moved at full speed into training and mentoring filmmakers from all over Africa from its Durban base and brand new facility nearby in KwaZulu Province.

National Geographic Society‘s Storytelling Program is NEWF’s key funder.

It’s a special thrill for me to hear of NEWF’s progress: I was there at the beginning with Noel and his partner Pragna as they figured out their strategy on the back of an envelope.

Watch Noel recap the NEWF story and lay out his and Pragna’s ambitious plans here:

Video (28′)



  • [1:15] How NEWF got off the ground. Key supporters. Attending World Congress.
  • [5:15] Success factors.
  • [7:30] How NEWF partnered with National Geographic Society
  • [10:00] What are NEWF’s goals?
  • [20:15] NEWFs focus in 2024: Central Africa

About NEWF

The NEWF CONGRESS is our annual gathering and signature event. It brings together emerging and experienced filmmakers, storytellers, scientists, conservationists, and media distributors.

Our shared mission? To connect and engage as we forge ahead on removing barriers to entry and building capacity in order to enable access, support inclusion, expand local audiences and foster a culture of equity for African nature, environment and wildlife visual storytellers.

Kaitlin Yarnall, Chief Storytelling Officer, National Geographic Society



  • Caitlin Cooper produced our webinar.

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