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The Making of Netflix’s Hit Wildlife Documentary: MY OCTOPUS TEACHER

I’m pleased to write that My Octopus Teacher, just released by Netflix, went immediately on to my All-time Favorite Wildlife Documentaries list. Trailer My Octopus Teacher is built on the foundations of any successful doc: Huge Characters, human and cephalopod. Unique Access. Risk… to life and limbs. Then there’s more: The original and relatable humanity […]

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

NEWF: Peter’s Takeaways from an Excellent Week in Durban

The 2nd addition of the Nature, Environment & Wildlife Film Congress was definitely a peak experience among the scores of conferences that I have attended over five decades. Africa! In Durban, we felt Africa’s resurgence. Big time. Amazing, youthful talent. Exciting projects. Eagerness to learn from industry veterans including Off The Fence, Earth Touch, Scorpion TV, Wild Bear and

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Africa’s Nature, Environment & Wildlife Filmmakers Congress (NEWF), Durban, July 16-18. The Program

I’m very excited about flying down to Durban to attend the second edition of NEWF, Africa’s Nature, Environment & Wildlife Filmmakers Congress, starting July 16. “The primary aim of NEWF is to create a path to conservation through film while discovering the next generation of Africa’s nature, environment and wildlife filmmakers.” That’s the message from NEWF’s Executive

WildLIVE! Comes to Wildscreen, Bristol

WildLIVE!   Understanding the Trend towards Real Time Wildlife Programming. Wildscreen, Bristol UK, October 12. LIVE is as hot as chili peppers. LIVE is popping up across territories, genres and formats. For example, just this week, A&E announced a live COPS documentary mini-series located in Dallas TX. At Wildscreen in Bristol, the BBC’s James Honeyborne will