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In Ebola’s Wake: Case Study of a High-risk, Fast Turnaround Documentary

In Fall 2014, producer Antje Boehmert was in post-production with Berlin-based director Carl Gierstorfer on Rise of the Killer Virus, a medical detective story on the pre-history of HIV. The team closely followed the breaking news on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Carl began to look for opportunities to cover the story. His research went into […]

The Sunny Side Vibe: More Takeaways from South Africa, Beijing & Taiwan, Australia and France

Beginning with Ruby Chen on the dock, following are insightful delegate interviews captured by Madelyn Most in compatible La Rochelle. Ruby Chen is co-Founder and CEO of CNEX  Foundation based in Beijing China which is dediated to supporting artistic documentaries about contemporary Chinese life. Marie Ange Billot-Thebaud is a writer, director, producer of Jatropha Films Productions based

DISCOP AFRICA 2014: A Bustling and Optimistic Event. Videos & Takeaways

Last week’s DISCOP in Joburg was a revelation. Africa has scale. And is coming alive: A continent-wide market of 1.2 Bn people. New channels and platforms are being launched across 55 countries. 30% year-to-year growth in attendance at the market. And an uplifting, optimistic atmosphere. Sales! What Sales? Annual TV sales in Africa have shot

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

South African Delegates come to WCSFP, Hong Kong

South African Indies heads to Hong Kong South African Indies is sending a strong delegation of emerging producers to World Congress in Hong Kong. The effort is funded by the RSA Department of Trade & Industry, and supported by the Gauteng provincial film commission. The filmmakers are excited about joining the WCSFP member community. Here

Sunnyside of the Doc Takeaways: #1 The ‘Non Anglo-Saxons’ Lead the Way

Sunnyside was recently under threat when Sheffield Doc / Fest rescheduled its prestigious event from the autumn to early June. Many buyers were obliged to choose between South Yorkshire or the French seaside. The ‘Anglo-Saxons’ mostly opted for Sheffield. The ‘Franco-phones’ stayed at a diminished SSD. La Rochelle is a historic city dominated by medieval siege

South Africa Workshops by ATFT / nfvf Documentary Funding Spotlight

South Africa is a dynamic market right now. A combination of national and provincial funding is motivated by: Job creation; Development of IP; ‘Transformation’ which is the RSA term for empowering the populations left behind under the old order. The funding is in the form of tax rebates and various grants. And driving it all

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