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THE CAT REPORT: A Weekly Wildlife Soap Opera Now Available from WildEarth, the Producers of safariLIVE

THE CAT REPORT is a weekly, half-hour, presenter-led program of 13 episodes per series.

  • It follows the lives of lions, cheetahs, hyenas and leopards of the Maasai Mara and Kruger National Park.
  • The Beasts of the Bush have names and personalities.
  • Their everyday, intimate encounters draw audiences into close and lasting relationships with each of them.

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Highlights from LIVE Coverage!

  • From the team behind safariLIVE and WildEarth, THE CAT REPORT brings you real wildlife adventure stories selected from 100’s of hours of weekly interactions and footage.
  • Watch the crews use their specially modified vehicles and other high-tech equipment to track, monitor and capture each character’s everyday moves.
  • The guides address the camera as the never-ending action unfolds in front of them.

Soap Opera

  • Following the lives of these big cat families is a real-life animal soap opera.
  • From family quarrels, love affairs and wild hunts to cute cubs, these animals rarely have a dull moment.
  • The Guides have developed a very personal relationship with the animals after years of following them.

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  • Authentic
    A real and honest look at the wilderness areas we cover with particular focus on our feline families, their friends and their foes.
  • Engaging
    WildEarth masterfully engages audiences by delivering relatable and relevant content while staying true to its ethos of connecting audiences with nature.
  • Diverse
    Multi-location broadcasts from Kenya and South Africa.
  • Entertaining
    Pool of 4-6 highly knowledgeable, engaging, humorous and talented safari guides.

The Stars

  • The Leopards
    The Duke of Djuma Tingana, Queen Thandi and Princess Tlalamba, Hukumuri the interloper and Xidulu, the Duchess of the West.
  • The Lion Prides
    The Sausage Tree Pride, Scar and the Musketeer Coalition, and the Avoca males.
  • The Cheetahs
    Kekenya and her 5 cubs and Naretoi and her two sons.
  • (And many more relatable characters…. think Game of Thrones meets Lion King!)

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  • Locations: South Africa & Kenya.
  • Language: English
  • Quality: 720p60 or 1080p30
  • Similar To: Elephant Diaries, Chimp Week, Big Bear Week, Orangutan Diary, and Big Cat Diaries.

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Who is WildEarth?

  • WildEarth was founded in 2006 by Emily & Graham Wallington.
  • Their vision was to create LIVE wildlife content from all over the world.
  • LIVE allows real-time interaction, with viewers immersing themselves into the lives of our animals and into the wilderness areas in which they live.
  • Broadcasting LIVE every single day for 6 hours gives WildEarth a phenomenal library of incredible wildlife content which is now being used to produce THE CAT REPORT.