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Trends in How Americans View, Measure and Value Programs. A Podcast with Byron Media’s Dr John Morse

Dr John Morse heads the consumer research firm Byron Media.

He is a highly-respected industry veteran with a deep specialization in viewing behavior.

He describes how, until recently, we relied on well-established processes and research firms like Nielsen, COMSCORE and BARB to accurately calculate how many viewers watch a particular program, and what type of viewer they are.

Their ratings became the measure for selling the advertising that drives the revenues that fund the programming for commercial networks.

Those revenues in turn fund the development and production of factual programming that exploded in volume and value during the Cable / Satellite Era.

Revolutionary Era

  • We’ve entered the new online video era of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Facebook Watch, YouTubeTV and dozens of other platforms, and increasingly of mobile video.
  • The traditional ways of measuring and valuing programs don’t tell the full story.

Today’s Podcast

In today’s podcast we focus on American viewers:

  • What are they watching?
  • How much?
  • On which devices?
  • What are the big trends?
  • And how do we measure the new viewing experience?

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