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Sundance 2023 and Beyond – Stark Realities, Golden Opportunities, by Peter Broderick

Peter Broderick’s latest Distribution Bulletin sparked lots of soul-searching about the state of the documentary sector. Peter is a highly regarded, veteran distribution strategist, senior consultant, and friend of this masthead. He writes that this year’s “Sundance revealed that the Golden Age of major sales and numerous acquisitions is over for documentary filmmakers.” He explains that […]

Technical Deliverables: Chaotic Industry Practices Add to Producers’ Costs. MIPDOC Interview with Ian Cross

There is a lack of standardization across the platforms for the technical standards covering audio, video and related program deliverables. This chaotic situation creates confusion for production teams, and adds time and finally, unreimbursed costs. So reports Ian Cross, the prolific veteran producer behind such global franchises as Globe Trekker. Watch our MIPDOC Conversation here

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Is Peacock the “New Quibi?” Wall Streeters say “Stop! Put a bullet in it!”

Influential Wall Street analysts Lightshed Partners report that NBCUniversal has spent $2.5 Billion on its Peacock streaming service. And what has it got? Peacock subscribers are stuck at around 14 million. There were zero subscriber gains for the recent quarter. Peacock lags far behind its competitors Netflix (221 million subscribers), Disney+ (138 Mn), HBO Max (77

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Netflix & the Rise of the Streamers: What do the Charts Say?

Netflix and the streamers share only a sliver of useful data about their viewing audience. However, a steady flow of independent research provides a jigsaw puzzle of insights into the streaming ecosystem. Lots of worthwhile data crossed my desk this month. Here are 12 highlight charts, with just a little commentary. Don’t miss my Desktop