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Technical Deliverables: Chaotic Industry Practices Add to Producers’ Costs. MIPDOC Interview with Ian Cross

There is a lack of standardization across the platforms for the technical standards covering audio, video and related program deliverables.

This chaotic situation creates confusion for production teams, and adds time and finally, unreimbursed costs.

So reports Ian Cross, the prolific veteran producer behind such global franchises as Globe Trekker.

Watch our MIPDOC Conversation here for PACT UK (6’35)

About Pilot

Pilot Film & TV Productions Ltd. is a leading international television production company with an outstanding reputation for producing and distributing factual entertainment and travel led programs.

Since its inception in 1990, Pilot has produced more than 700+ hours of multi-genre programming covering subjects as diverse as history, food and sport and has offices in London and Los Angeles.

Pilot produced the award winning Globe Trekker series which ran for 25 years and more than 200 episodes, and broadcast to over 30 million viewers across 50+ countries worldwide. Pilot’s programs have won more than 50 international awards, including 6 American Cable Ace awards.

Read more about Ian Cross and Pilot here…

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