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Technical Deliverables: Chaotic Industry Practices Add to Producers’ Costs. MIPDOC Interview with Ian Cross

There is a lack of standardization across the platforms for the technical standards covering audio, video and related program deliverables. This chaotic situation creates confusion for production teams, and adds time and finally, unreimbursed costs. So reports Ian Cross, the prolific veteran producer behind such global franchises as Globe Trekker. Watch our MIPDOC Conversation here […]

Is Peacock the “New Quibi?” Wall Streeters say “Stop! Put a bullet in it!”

Influential Wall Street analysts Lightshed Partners report that NBCUniversal has spent $2.5 Billion on its Peacock streaming service. And what has it got? Peacock subscribers are stuck at around 14 million. There were zero subscriber gains for the recent quarter. Peacock lags far behind its competitors Netflix (221 million subscribers), Disney+ (138 Mn), HBO Max (77

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Netflix’s 41% of Time Spent dominates viewing of commissioned & acquired programs

What is Netflix’s share of U.S. viewing? Last month I reported on Comscore’s June 2021 findings that Netflix (26% market share) and YouTube (21%) dominate viewership on connected TV’s. The key Comscore measure is ‘Time Spent’. Here’s the chart: Misleading However, the data is misleading if you are a producer, distributor or programmer whose job

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News Roundup: Climate Change Documentaries Breaking Through?

The COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference opens in Glasgow on October 31, bringing urgency to the race to save our planet. Documentary commissioners, producers and distributors have responded with lots of new orders. Does global warming have the urgent audience appeal of programs that address hot button issues like true crime, gender, and social

Trillion-dollar Death Stars are Existential Threats to Legacy Media Players. 2021 Media Universe Map by Evan Shapiro

Graphic retrieved from Media Universe Map  “When you look at the entertainment war for attention and you realise that there are seven trillion-dollar Death Stars – Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Tencent and Alibaba – all with unlimited resources and diversified revenue models, you understand why scale is the most important thing,” says Evan Shapiro,