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National Geographic Channel & Nat Geo Wild: What are they buying? Dan Salerno’s Program Schedule Analysis. A Pact Webinar

Are National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild still buying programs as we move into the Streaming Era?

What do they want from their producers?

Veteran programming executive and highly-respected senior consultant, Dan Salerno dives deep into their programs schedules in today’s revealing webinar.

This is episode #2 in a series produced by Pact, the UK producers’ association, in partnership with Documentary Business.

Watch here (23 min)


Here is his National Geographic Channel schedule as featured in the webinar. Dan’s message is that “the colors tell the story!”

And here is Dan’s Nat Geo Wild schedule…

More About “What the Channels are Buying!”

“Linear still matters!” That’s the theme of my Pact webinars with Dan on the U.S. channels’ programming strategies:

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