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Star Chasers of Senegal: Terra Mater Studios / NOVA Fast-track Copro Premieres February 8

Star Chasers of Senegal premieres on PBS next Wednesday, February 8.

Our inspiring Case Study reveals in great detail how indie producer / director Ruth Berry overcame the odds to forge a successful Terra Mater Studios / NOVA coproduction.

  • Read the Case Study here.
  • Our MIPCOM 2022 Coproduction panel video features TMS’s Sabine Holzer with NOVA’s Chris Schmidt and Ruth. Watch here!

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Wall Street Journal Coverage

John Anderson, TV Critic for the Wall Street Journal, reviewed Star Chasers of Senegal ahead of its premiere:

“Ordinarily, “NOVA” is concerned with pure advancements in science and technology, but “Star Chasers of Senegal” also takes a glance over humanity’s shoulder and the effect is enlightening.”

Read the rest of John Anderson’s stellar review here.

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