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Attend the SMASH Science Media Awards & Summit, Boston, September 25-27. Save $50!

In just two weeks, the Science Media Awards & Summit (in the) Hub (SMASH!) is slated to open.

The session and speaker lineup promises a spectacular event.

This three-day, biannual conference is co-produced by Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and WGBH.

SMASH convenes more than 250 scientists and media makers to celebrate exceptional science media, discuss cutting-edge discoveries and explore new ways of communicating the wonders of science to a global audience in a rapidly-changing media landscape.


This year’s summit will take place at WGBH from September 25-27, culminating in the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards celebration event at the MIT Media Lab during the evening of September 27.

The finalists were selected from 500 project entries competing for 20 awards.


  • SMASH! opens with a keynote conversation as Paula Apsell interviews Mary Lou Jepsen, a disruptive tech innovator who created the first holographic video system.
  • Mary Lou started One Laptop Per Child, invented an algorithm converting thoughts to on-screen video
  • Check her TED Talk on this) and has led experimental divisions at MIT Media Lab, GoogleX and Oculus VR.
  • Her latest notion may very well be her most important, transforming both medicine and communication.

Register for SMASH now! Save$50
Coupon: SMASH50

40+ Speakers

The entire speaker lineup includes more than 40 leading science/media strategists on topics ranging from AI to XR and just about everything in between, including:

  • Emerging Platforms and Social Media Storytelling with YouTube, Twitch, Seeker and more.
  • Beyond the Box project funding strategies with Sonya Pemberton (Transactional VOD), David Alvarado (Kickstarter guru), Ellen Windemuth (brand first, channels follow) and Vince Stehle (Media Impact Funders)
  • Speed Pitching Sessions with 20 Commissioners including Smithsonian, Curiosity Stream, Science Channel, NOVA, PBS, National Geographic, Blue Ant Media, Simons Foundation, WNET and MORE.
  • Mentor Networking during lunch session creates opportunities for seasoned pros to meaningfully engage with this year’s cohort of 14 diverse SMASH! Fellows as well as other early career professionals!


  • Kara Miller interviews Deb Roy for the closing Keynote Conversation.
  • Former Chief Scientist at Twitter, Roy leads the Lab for Social Machines at the MIT Media Lab exploring the impact of Social Media and AI on Society.
  • She has launched Cortico with commitment toward fixing the information problem that technology has created in the current Age of False Truth.

Gallery: The Vibe

Nielsen‘s SVP Audience Insights Peter Katsingris with Peter (SMASH 2016). I’ll be Melbourne for a big family birthday party — my brother Andy’s 80th — and sadly will miss the valuable networking opportunities and fascinating conversations at this year’s SMASH.

Register for SMASH now! Save$50
Coupon: SMASH50


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