Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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Best of British Documentaries & Lifestyle, 1H 2023. The Top 100

It’s always a pleasure to share the UK’s highest-rated unscripted programs. Here they are for 1H 2023. #1-50 and #51-100 are covered in this post. My brief Takeaways are below the #1-50 list. Global Sparkplug The UK viewing data is more important than ever this year because many producers and buyers want to build international […]

Nielsen Gauge: Streaming and Netflix Roll On. Latest Data

Streaming continues to increase its share of viewing at the expense of Cable and Broadcast. The May Nielsen Gauge confirms these and other key trends. Highlights: Streaming usage is now at a dominant 36.4% share — up from 31.9% a year ago. Cable TV viewing continues to decline — down 14% to a 31.1 share

Streaming services remain most popular destination for U.S. TV viewing in December

Graphic retrieved from Nielson Nielsen’s Gauge for December, reveals several very interesting findings: Streaming Trend: Full Year Streaming continued its reign as the top category, capturing 38.1% of total TV usage, Streaming usage gained 10.4 share points climbing from 27.7% of total TV usage. Peacock Breaks Through Peacock made its debut in The Gauge this

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

David Attenborough’s Lasting Power #2: FROZEN PLANET II ices competition

Dominating the Competition A second UK audience snapshot, this one for the week starting 26 September, captures the enduring dominance across all Factual sub-genres of Attenborough’s brand of Natural History event programming. FROZEN PLANET 2 doubles the next most viewed program in the factual category. Top Ten UK Factual Week of September 26, 2022 (BARB)

David Attenborough’s Lasting Power: UK Natural History Ratings Snapshot, 2018-22

As my tribute to David Attenborough‘s incomparable career, and as a conversation piece for delegates at Wildscreen, below is a five-year snapshot of BARB UK audience data for the Natural History genre. The shows are for BBC1, ranked by ‘000’s for highest single eps in series.  Title Date Share ‘000’s SEVEN WORLDS, ONE PLANET 10/27/2019 39.81%

Netflix & the Streamers Put a Blowtorch to the PayTV Model. What Do the Charts Say?

There’s a mixed bag of stories revealed in the charts that caught my eye during this rather slow Summer month. Bottom line: The shift to streaming is gathering pace: consumers are putting a blowtorch to the “melting icecube” of legacy broadcast and cable media. The data asks a big question:  Do Discovery, Peacock, Paramount, and

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Netflix & the Rise of the Streamers: What do the Charts Say?

Netflix and the streamers share only a sliver of useful data about their viewing audience. However, a steady flow of independent research provides a jigsaw puzzle of insights into the streaming ecosystem. Lots of worthwhile data crossed my desk this month. Here are 12 highlight charts, with just a little commentary. Don’t miss my Desktop