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Documentary Decision-makers Guide. New and Updated from Sunny Side. 260 Buyers. 42 Countries! Save $69.95!!!

  • Who are key documentary buyers worldwide?
  • What programs and series do they want?
  • How can you reach them?

260 decision-makers / 137 companies / 42 countries  

  • The expanded and updated Sunny Side of the Doc Guide to Documentary Decision Makers is now available for $99.95.
  • That’s a 33% instant savings of $50 off the regular price of $149.95.

Our Guide helps producers and industry professionals to find buyers.

Targeting these key decision makers is the highest priority for producers: the Guide helps them understand what buyers want as they develop their concepts and then create strategies for their pitches.

Free Streamers Guide: 

Buyers also receive free Peter Hamilton’s STREAMERS & DOCUMENTARIES: A Snapshot Guide for Producers, and save $19.95.

The Data You Need!

For each decision maker, we list:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Channel / Company profile
  • Contact information for most
  • Job Description
  • Strand Profile
  • Duration of programs

The Guide identifies how many hours the buyers commission and acquire each year.

Who are the Decision Makers?

  • The Guide was prepared by the team behind Sunny Side of the Doc 2021.
  • Sunny Side is the renowned hub for network buyers and funders.
  • These are the leaders of the global market for documentaries and unscripted series and specials.

Which countries are represented?
Our Guide features the most comprehensive list of programming decision-makers in Europe’s largest markets, with France and Germany sending the most active delegations.

UK, USA, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, Canada, Qatar, Belgium, Netherlands, Brazil, Australia and Singapore are among the 42 countries that send the buyers to Sunny Side. Their decision makers are listed in the Guide.

Sunny Side is an industry-leader in developing relationships with the rapidly developing Chinese market, and we list key buyers from China’s documentary channels and syndication services.

Our Guide to Decision Makers also features 87 Cultural Stakeholders — these are the international cultural institutions and museums that support immersive documentary experiences through co-creation, liaisons and grants.

Peter Hamilton’s Documentary Business is Sunny Side‘s content and publishing partner, and offers the valuable Guide to members of the documentary community who were unable to attend the Connected Edition in June.

Purchase now and save $69.95:  $50 PLUS $19.95!!