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Trillion-dollar Death Stars are Existential Threats to Legacy Media Players. 2021 Media Universe Map by Evan Shapiro

Graphic retrieved from Media Universe Map

 “When you look at the entertainment war for attention and you realise that there are seven trillion-dollar Death Stars – Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Tencent and Alibaba – all with unlimited resources and diversified revenue models, you understand why scale is the most important thing,” says Evan Shapiro, producer, media commentator and creator of the Media Universe Map.

(Coverage by C21)

Peter’s Note: YouTube is an Existential Threat on its Own

  • Love Evan Shapiro’s chart.
  • One big catch: YouTube‘s market power is under-estimated when measured by SVOD subscribers versus its huge and fast-growing ad sales operation, time viewed, and other metrics.
  • Read Behold YouTube by VideoNuze’s Will Richmond
  • And check out the chart below from Statista.