Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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What French Viewers Like About Documentaries. CNC Study Highlights at Sunny Side

France, Germany and other European documentary economies offer funding opportunities that feel distant to U.S. producers. An ambitious deep study by the CNC, France’s media regulator, helps us better understand how French consumers relate to the documentary genre. The study was commissioned for France’s Year of the Documentary and was presented at Sunny Side of […]

Juan Carlos I: Downfall of a King. Interview with Producer Christian Beetz

Christian Beetz reveals in this interview and in our detailed case study how Berlin-based Gebrueder Beetz developed, funded and delivered his €2.5 Mn, 4-part docu-series that sheds new light on the former King’s notorious personal life and dramatic abdication. Watch here (20 min)   Read our Case Study Juan Carlos I: Money, Sex, Power and

Shedding Light on the Business of the Documentary Business. 2022 Report Card. Mission for 2023

My unchanging editorial goals since launching my Documentary Business newsletter in 2011 are to: Capture in a few words how the ever-evolving unscripted ecosystem shapes opportunities for industry veterans and rookies alike, and Publish detailed Case Studies that reveal how productions that aren’t by award-winning A-listers are developed, funded and ultimately delivered to grateful audiences.

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

NEW!! How to Reach 260 Documentary Decision Makers by Sunny Side of the Doc

Our unique Sunny Side Decision Makers Guide provides information about buyers that producers need to know now! Which channels worldwide buy documentaries, specials and series? Who are the key decision-makers? What are they looking for? How you can reach them! Buy and download now! Price: $99.95 The Sunny Side Decision Makers Guide features: 260 buyers

Love Nature Unveils “Evolution Earth” at Sunny Side Of The Doc

The success of our recent coproduction partnership attracted me to cover Love Nature‘s Evolution Earth, a new original production that was announced today at Sunnyside of the Doc. The five-part series is produced by PASSION PLANET, in co-production with Love Nature, PBS and ARTE. This impressive group of partners has joined forces to create a

Desktop Doc Netflix course

LAST DAYS!! Global Pitch Call for Projects. Submissions close on January 5

The Global Pitch by Sunny Side of the Doc will be held on February 22 & 23, 2022. The aim of the two-day online pitching session is to facilitate the international financing and co-production of projects focusing on Women’s Voices. 100+ Decision-makers The Global Pitch is a unique opportunity for 12 selected projects to reach

Happy Holidays from Stockholm: Wrapping up 2021. Excited about 2022!

  Wishing my friends and colleagues a happy holiday season from Stockholm! Our family is gathering in Uppsala for Christmas; its the first time that we’re all together since 2019! For 2022, I’m excited about providing you with more analysis and context, particularly covering how the revolutionary shift from channels to streamers is impacting documentary