Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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CNEX Chinese Doc Forum: Dan Salerno Reports on the Booming Asian Market from CCDF, Taipei

The 14th annual CNEX Chinese Doc Forum (CCDF) just wrapped up in Taipei, Taiwan, where industry veteran Dan Salerno immersed himself in the booming Asian documentary scene. From September 22 to 25, CCDF brought Taiwanese and Chinese documentary filmmakers together with industry professionals for a productive pitching forum that rivals its Western equivalents. Presenting for […]

GZ DOC Panel: Global Factual Content Summit: 2021 VOD Platforms & Festivals

What are the key demand trends in the documentary sector across platforms, and how are the festivals responding? That was the ambitious topic for this morning’s recording of an engaging panel for the upcoming Guangzho International Documentary Film Festival 2021. China had almost fallen off my radar after many years of deep involvement in the

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

INSIDE WUHAN: A short-turnaround, undercover investigative documentary from Canada: Case Study

INSIDE WUHAN is a Case Study in how hard times bring out innovation and flexibility from filmmakers. The producer/ director Craig Thompson discusses his 22-minute, short turnaround special, commissioned by CTV-Canada’s W5 and produced by Ballinran Entertainment and White Pine Pictures. Tagline INSIDE WUHAN is an undercover documentary that foreshadows a world under quarantine and

Sundance: Buyers Bid $20 Million as the Feature Documentary Category Booms

The feature documentary is booming. That’s the message from Sundance 2019. Reported bids for rights approach $20 million. Topping the list is Knock Down the House, the Sundance Audience Award winner that captures the run for Congress in 2018 of the “AOC” superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The SVOD giant reportedly bid $10 million for worldwide rights. That’s

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An Expert Challenges The “China’s Booming Middle Class” Theory

A colleague writes from China in response to my post that opportunities will be created from China’s addition of 870 million middle class consumers: You miss the point about the growing Chinese middle class and, come to think of it, about SVOD here in China. Where to start? First, let’s talk about the middle class television


My “Facebook Originals Are Coming!” post was translated by our friends at Content China. China’s documentary sector has been a regular subject of analysis in this newsletter. The promise of the early years of this century were frustrated by an array of regulatory and commercial factors. However, I can see that the pendulum is shifting. China’s VOD services