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Archive Valley is an innovative online platform that gives documentary filmmakers convenient access to fresh archive footage sources and to top archive researchers worldwide.

This new efficient archive research solution is online, and Archive Valley encourages you to take advantage of free access to our Beta platform!

Our Mission

  • Archive Valley’s goal is to make it faster, easier and more cost-effective to research
    and license material from unique sources worldwide.
  • They have created an easy-to-use online pathway to the vast universe of footage that is waiting to be discovered and used by documentarians to tell their unique stories.

Machine Learning

  • Archive Valley is developing AI systems that will allow their platform to:
  • Turn complex queries about footage into data that generates more relevant matches with archive sources.
  • Help predict which sources may have material worth checking out.


Archive Valley has proved to be an invaluable resource for our documentary series. As you know, archival materials are the life blood of our programs and we are constantly searching for new sources.   With your help we’ve been able to unearth “buried treasure” from new international sources that we never even knew existed. Thanks so much for your help on all aspects of researching and licensing great footage.” Tom Jennings, Peabody Award winning producer, 1895 Films

Archive Valley has put me in touch with archive providers I never would have thought to ask for the footage I was looking for.” Lewanne Jones, Archive Producer

500 Researchers / 50+ Countries

  • The centerpiece of Archive Valley‘s offer is their vetted community of 500+ archive researchers.
  • They are based in 50+ countries.
  • They have a record of finding unique images for major productions.
  • Connect with them directly through Archive Valley for projects that require specific knowledge, languages and unique access.

“There are so many layers of complexity involved in the research process. We believe the licensing market would benefit from some simplification. We are on a mission to make it easy and painless to access unique archives on demand.” Melanie Rozencwajg, Archive Valley

Value for Content Creators:

  • Producers can make detailed footage requests in their own words.
  • These requests link them with relevant and unique footage sources
    around the world.
  • They receive: Preview material, Shot lists, Pricing estimates, Estimates of the licensing fees, Email notifications directly in their everyday Inbox.
  • Producers license directly from the source:

Value for Archive Sources:

  • Reach new markets with your material!
  • Market your collection on Archive Valley to promote your collection to content creators around the world.
  • Increase your licensing sales potential.
  • Receive curated requests from top production companies and vetted archive researchers, and follow up directly in a secure platform.
  • Our platform filters out irrelevant requests as you respond to them.
  • Let us know if you’re already working with someone, and our platform will stop sending you notifications from them.
  • Payment:
    • Set your own prices
    • Use your own licensing agreements

“Out there, hundreds of unique collections remain dormant or are only known by a few and we wanted to give them the visibility they deserve.” Melanie Rozencwajg, Archive Valley

Free Test

  • Our platform is free to access during our beta test period which lasts until the end of the year.
  • Making and receiving footage requests is also free during the beta.

Coming Soon


Screenshot 1 – Researcher makes a detailed footage request to be matched with providers worldwide.

Screenshot 2 – Researcher makes a detailed footage request to be matched with providers worldwide.

Screenshot 3  Researcher checks out each archive professional’s profile to get a sense of their experience and specialisation. [For example, James McDonald was one of our earliest beta users, and is a veteran archive researcher for television and the big screen.]

The Archive Valley Team

Left to Right – Rohit Basnet, Development Intern / Devendra Bajaj, CTO / Jhava Chikli, Co-founder and COO / Joe Lukawski, Growth Manager / Melanie Rozencwajg, Co-founder and CEO / Guillaume Renaud, Head of Partnerships / Camille Chavanne, Project Manager

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