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Audience Ratings Information for Producers: Arming Yourself for Negotiations

Producers are at a big disadvantage in negotiations with U.S. networks because they lack industry information such as program ratings, network distribution trends, and network revenues.

Best Deal

We create customized reports for each producer that provides the knowledge that they need to get the best deal in the US marketplace.

  • The reports include complete information about the performance of their specials and series, and of those that are comparable in the marketplace.
  • We have the latest as well as historical information.
  • It’s the information that network executives review regularly.
  • You need to know what they know.

Negotiation Strength

Why not come to the table for pitch meetings, performance reviews, and renewals of current series with the information needed to gain a strong advantage?

  • Subscriptions to Nielsen and other data vendors like Comscore-Rentrack can cost $ millions.
  • Most network buyers only share this costly information with their producers when it is to their advantage.

Deep Experience

With my longtime research partner, Byron Media’s Dr. John R. Morse, we are providing production companies with the data that supports the pitch and balances the negotiation.

  • John Morse is an industry veteran who has worked on channel launches, rebrands, series pitches and much, much more.
  • His clients have included all the major TV networks and distributors in the U.S. and other markets.
  • They include A+E Networks, Global Canal +, AccuWeather, BRAVO, Comcast-NBC Cable, AOL, HGTV, Ovation and DirecTV.
  • You can read more here about my clients, including our many shared projects.


We offer several study options.

1. Snapshot Study

The following would be provided for a competitive Snapshot Study:

  • Network distribution trends
  • Network audience information for a producer’s program and key time slots.
  • Information includes ratings percent, impressions, demographics, and the amount of recording/playback, an important measure of “engagement”.
  • Minute-by-minute analysis of a producer’s program.
  • These reports equip a producer to enter negotiations with an understanding of how programs perform and their impact on a network’s overall audience delivery.
  • Fee for a ratings snapshot project starts at $5,000. There is additional cost for extra programs/series to be negotiated.
  • Timeline: 1 month

How Engaged?
Minute x Minute Ratings for 3 ‘Event’ 
Specials, 2017

2. Competitive Deep Dive

Beyond the Snapshot Study, we also offer a Competitive Deep Dive into the media landscape for 3-4 programs, including for a specific genre, topic or format.

  • The fee is negotiable and is a much richer look at the evolving media world.
  • Expand your expertise and learn what the network executives know!
  • Timeline is 1-2 months.

3. Advertising & Revenue Analysis

  • An optional study is available on Advertising and Revenue Analysis for your program/series and for the competition.
  • This includes CPMs for programs/networks and gives producers a heads-up on network revenue for their programs.
  • Entering a negotiation with this knowledge gives producers a strong advantage in getting the best deal in renewing their series and pitching new ones.
  • Fee is negotiable.

Custom Studies

  • We also undertake custom audience studies for the U.S., UK and other territories.
  • Clients engage us to contribute analysis and compelling presentations to their reports for boards, executive management and potential funders.

Contact Us!

  • To better understand how our ratings research can give you a competitive advantage, email Peter at [email protected].