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The Archive Comes Back in the ‘Post-Schedule Documentary Economy’. Interview with Peter Hamilton & Tom Jennings for

Is the archive on the way back? We think so, and we explored the factors driving changes in the archive landscape with‘s David Seevers in an interview with myself and Peabody Award-winning producer Tom Jennings.’s coverage of the archive is sponsored by ITN Source. FN: In a recent edition of, you noted that “History channel’s […]

Amazon, Netflix & Nat Geo: Notes from the ‘Post-Schedule’ Documentary Economy

Recent press releases from Amazon, Netflix and Nat Geo reveal trends in the “Post-Schedule Economy”. I quickly applied several criteria to a sample of seven films, including Amazon’s 13-parter on Hugh Hefner. Five of them focus on Big Names (e.g., Hefner) and/or involve A-Listers in the production team (e.g., Leo Dicaprio). Four involve Crime, Violence

UK’s Fabulous 50 Documentaries + Factual, 1H 2016: The Brexit Predictors

Our veteran UK audience research guru correctly predicted the Brexit LEAVE vote based on the factual shows that were hits this year prior to the vote. The values of Olde Englande led the list. Four of the Top 5 shows feature the royal family. And the ode to rural life, Countryfile topped them all. Countryfile

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

ITN Source Short Film Competition: Three Finalists

The top three films have been announced for the second ever ITN Source Short Film Competition in association with Sheffield Doc/Fest and Audio Network. The finalists are: Adam Forrester, an Assistant Professor of Art from Columbus, Georgia James Arthur Armstrong, a film critic and filmmaker from Liverpool Matthew Sanger, an Archive Producer for TV/film productions,

ACSIL Footage Expo, New York, June 9

Join me on June 9th at the 2nd annual ACSIL Footage Expo, “where the world’s essential footage organizations meet up with media’s top players and visionaries.” I’ve been closely tracking a renewal of interest in the History genre by factual channels. The recent focus on dramatic reenactments has broadened to include specials that use the archive in fresh,

Thessaloniki Takeaways # 2: Leo Dicaprio Builds His Resume. The False Hope of NETFLIX

Leonardo Dicaprio was a winner at Thessaloniki. The Peter Wintonick Audience Award in the International category went to VIRUNGA by Orlando von Εinsiedel. VIRUNGA is ‘A NETFLIX Documentary’ EP’d by Dicaprio. It’s about endangered mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park of the DR Congo. Virunga was also nominated for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards this