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Congress ’23 Heads to Seattle, November 28–December 1, 2023

  This year, the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers (WCSFP) takes place from November 28 to December 1 in Seattle, Washington. The host sponsor is National Geographic. Congress ’23 promises a dynamic lineup featuring thought-provoking sessions with key decision-makers from around the world—creating a unique opportunity for science and factual producers, digital producers, […]

AI for Documentary Filmmakers: What Makes ChatGPT Tick? – A 2-part Webinar with Philip Shane

Veteran Sundance award-winning filmmaker and AI expert Philip Shane takes us back to the basics with ChatGPT, explains AI’s analytical capabilities, and shares how the two are contributing to the documentary production process. His message: “ChatGPT is a partner, not an employee.” ChatGPT has recently been updated and it’s now able to create visual art, in addition to

Docsville: The Streaming Home for Amazing Indie Documentaries

Docsville is the real streaming destination for independent, thought-provoking and inspiring global documentary films. Docsville is designed for viewers who are looking to better understand our world and the key challenges of our time. Its curated offering spans the climate crisis to racism & inequality, true crime and inspiring personal stories. Docsville is your home

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Meet the Experts at MIPCOM: Conversations about managing rights with Wendy Bernfeld (Rights Stuff) & Peter Worsley (Altitude Rights)

I’m excited to moderate two MIPCOM Meet The Executive conversations. Sharing their expertise are WENDY BERNFELD (Rights Stuff, NL) and PETER WORSLEY (Altitude Rights, UK). Wendy’s topic: “How to Navigate SVOD, AVOD & FAST Options & Rights for Your Documentary“.) Peter’s topic: “The Music Documentary Challenge: Keeping the Peace Between Producers, Estate Stakeholders & Commissioners.)

AI for Documentary Filmmakers: Rapid Advances in the Spotlight. My Webinar with Philip Shane

Veteran Sundance award-winning filmmaker and AI expert Philip Shane highlights recent advances in CHATGPT’s capabilities and how they are contributing to the documentary production process. His message: “Learn about AI! Your knowledge is essential to grappling with the issues of today.” Watch here (15 min) Timecode 1:00 ChatGPT’s new text-upload and analysis feature, “Code Interpreter.” 3:00 Exploring ChatGPT’s refined

Juan Carlos I: “Bad King” Docu-Series Wins at Berlin. Case Study Update

The four-part Sky Original docuseries Juan Carlos: Downfall Of The King was named Best Docu-series 2023 at the Berlin TV Series Festival. We covered in detail how Beetz Bros created their €2.5 Mn production: Here is my revealing Case Study. And my interview (20′) with producer Christian Beetz. Producer and co-writer Christian Beetz, co-director Anne von Petersdorff The jury

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Scandi Prison Reform Comes to Chester, Pennsylvania. A $600k Nordic Coproduction Case Study

More than 100 million Americans, myself included, share the harrowing experience of being involved with a family member caught up in the nation’s notorious prison system. American jails rely heavily on punishment versus rehabilitation. But there are stories of hope. Swedish filmmakers Tomas Lindh and John Stark just premiered on SVT their absorbing series that