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Discovery 3D Friends Wildlife; Netflix Soars; BBC Cuts

DISCOVERY’s 3D CHANNEL The 3D cable network, a joint venture between Discovery, Sony and IMAX revealed its initial wildlife-friendly programming lineup. Original Series include: Abandoned Planet from Flight 33 Productions; Africa in 3D from Aquavision Television Productions; China produced by Natural History New Zealand Ltd. (NHNZ); and Jewels of the World also from NHNZ Exclusive […]

A Preferred Producer: Hoff Productions between Basement and Buyout (Part 1/2)

The scale of factual producers ranges from basement operators to ‘Super-preferred Producers’ like Pilgrim Entertainment. We continue our case studies of the U.S. production sector by focusing on Hoff Productions, which represents the tier below the ‘Super’ category. Hoff Productions is based in the Bay Area, with a recently opened office in New York, and is

U.S. Cable Networks: Which Ones Commission Factual? How Many Homes Do They Reach?

      Commissions  Factual?    U.S. TVHH  Genre TBS  100,608 Entertainment   CNN / HLN  100,370 News Yes DISCOVERY CHANNEL  100,101 Factual/Reality Yes NICK-AT-NITE  100,064 Entertainment   NICKELODEON  100,064 Kids    THE WEATHER CHANNEL  100,054 News Yes FOOD NETWORK    99,934 Lifestyle Yes CNN CABLE NEWS NETWORK    99,640 News Yes TNT    99,630 Entertainment

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Why Marry Up with Pilgrim? A ‘Super-Preferred Producer’ at WestDoc

Last week’s Westdoc Conference was a great success for attendees due to: the quality of the speakers and panelists the easy access to buyers and experts and the very friendly environment Johnny Gould, Pilgrim Films and Television’s vice president for Programming & Business Development gave a stimulating presentation. Pilgrim is a powerful player in the

How to Pitch & Sell Your Project. A&E, #3/3. “Seven Key Takeaways”

Part 3/3 Click here for Part 1/3.: A day in the life of a developer, and more  Click here for Part 2/3: A&E’s four filters: “Death is the ultimate high stakes”, and even more By Erin Essenmacher A&E director of Development Stephen Harris spoke at Silverdocs and WIFV panels that were moderated by editor Peter

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Preferred Vendors: Multiple Commissions / Multiple Networks. Why?

This week, we ask three questions: Which producers are getting the repeat commissions? Who gets commissions from multiple U.S. networks? And why? The Data We created lists of producers who earned commissions for new and returning programs from Discovery Networks, including the digi-nets, as well as AETN and Nat Geo Channels. Our sources were: Upfront press