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Network Deliverables: Tape trends? Audio. Archive tips. How to avoid pitfalls! (3/3)

By David Kaplan David Kaplan led the Quality Control team for A&E Television Networks for the last eight years. He has worked with “hundreds of producers on thousands of hours of programs in dozens of evolving formats.”   In the 3rd of a 3-part post, David continues his expert commentary on: Leading tape and audio formats Dealing with a variety of archive formats […]

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Network Deliverables: What are they? How are they evolving? Why they matter! (1/3)

by David Kaplan Producers and channels everywhere struggle with evolving definitions of ‘Network Deliverables’. It’s a fast-changing field due to: The rapid adoption of HD and file-based shooting The take-up of digital exploitation technologies And the steady expansion of the classic definition of ‘Deliverables’  David Kaplan has led the Quality Control team for the A&E

NEH (U.S.) Awards Grants for Documentaries

NEH Bridging Cultures Through Film Grants Awarded By Michael Rose The first round of documentary filmmaker recipients of grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) new Bridging Cultures through Film initiative were announced today.  “They were made, for a total of $1,116,715– three for development, and two for production of documentary films,” said

Desktop Doc Netflix course

U.S. Channels: Where are the Producers? 1/2

PIN-POINTING THE GREEN LIGHTS Where can you find the suppliers to U.S. Factual networks? New York? LA? London? Are there other centers of development and production? Are there different sourcing practices amongst: Established channels and digi-nets? Documentary and Reality channels? These questions matter: For networks: Where should you locate LBA, Development and other resources? For producers:

TLC’s ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ / More Takeaways from Sheffield

TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska The New York Times’ Alessandra Stanley reviews Sarah Palin’s Alaska. She says ‘it’s like The Sound of Music but without the romance, the Nazis or the music.’  Created by super-producer Mark Burnett Productions, it was reported that Palin asked for $1.2 million / episode for the 8-episode series. ———————————————— Sheffield Impressions ROSS