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‘The Bible’ 3/3: A Meditation on the Costs of the Signature Docu-drama and Scripted TV Series

We continue to explore issues raised by the commissioning process for The Bible, a 10-hour docu-drama series from the U.S. History channel

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This post:

  • So what are our thoughts about the cost of The Bible?
  • How would these costs and rights compare to a Scripted Bible series?


Signature Unscripted programs are not cheap

  • Estimates that are ‘on the street’ include:
    • TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska: $1.1+/- million / episode. (But how much of that was for Talent?)
    • History’s America The Story of US:  $1.3+/- million / episode
  • History’s press release places The Bible in the America The Story of US cost category, with lots of CGI and dramatic reenactments
  • But we expect The Bible to cost more than America
    • Consider the relative cost of reenactments in locations like Morocco or Jordan, versus convenient and tax-friendly Canada or states in the North East U.S.
    • And the cost of competitive CGI is being raised year to year

And then we wonder:

  • Are there unique forces at work here to push up the budget — or reduce History’s cost resistance?
    • Mark Burnett is a ‘super-preferred producer’ and industry star
    • Hearst is part-owner of both History and Burnett
  • So let’s take a guess that The Bible costs $1.5 million / hour (+/-)
    • Though History’s share of the cost depends on the rights that Hearst/Burnett retain


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Is it affordable?

A budget of $1.5 million / hour is almost chopped liver for a channel with History’s enviable margins

  • History enjoyed 8 of the Top 20 Factual programs on U.S. cable in 2010, ranked by average prime time audience
  • And the run continues in 2011

But is it the best use of History’s money?

  • History’s success is built on Reality hits like American Pickers (Cineflix) and Pawn Stars (Leftfield Pictures)
    • They garner massive U.S. cable audiences
    • But for a fraction of the estimated cost for an Unscripted Bible
  • So why not invest more in
    • Expanding existing Unscripted franchises?
    • And developing new Reality series to replace the current crop of hits after their inevitable peak?

Possible answers:

  • The Bible puts the history back into History
  • All networks need seasonal promotions to anchor their outreach to viewers, distributors and advertisers
  • The Bible will earn tremendous press, particularly with the involvement of near-celebrity producers
  • And History is doing plenty of Reality series development anyway


But what if a U.S. network decides to swing for the fences and green lights The Bible as a Scripted series?

  • What would be the cost?

A fully Scripted Bible would cost a multiple of a premium docu-drama series, due to

  • Talent
  • Union / Guild rates
  • Exotic locations
  • Sets and costumes
  • Legal and insurance
  • CGI, and more
  • Also, the # of plays would be limited

We called experts in the production of historically-themed TV-movies

  • The consensus production cost benchmark for a Scripted Bible is $3.5+/- million / hour
  • The U.S. commissioning network would contribute a majority of the cost for U.S. rights
    • Unlike most Unscripted deals, which are buyouts
  • The executive producer (e.g. Hearst/Burnett) would retain international, digital and other revenue streams


The New York Times (Next for ‘Survivor’ Producer: Bible-Based Scripted Drama’) and much of the trade media reported The Bible as a Scripted series

  • Nobody raised an eyebrow
  • Why?
  • Because at this production cost, and with these revenue streams, The Bible as a Scripted TV series could have been a sweet project for Hearst and History



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