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Hot Docs Adds a Hogwarts Touch to the Pitch Session Format. Oprah’s OWN sent to the ER. Why Reality?


That special magic thing settled over Toronto last week for the Hot Docs Forum, where 27 producers pitched their pre-selected projects to a high table packed with commissioners and funders.

The setting was the Great Hall at UofT’s Hart House.

  • It was part Hogwarts
  • Part Westminster
  • And much more absorbing!

The Format

  • Introduction by a snappy pair of expert moderators
  • Producer describes project and its level of funding
  • Sizzle tape
  • Feedback from networks and foundations
  • Wrap up


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Feedback at the Forum

Here’s a sample of the responses heard from the funders who were seated elbow-to-elbow at the long table:

  • ‘We already knew about your exciting story. We’ve talked about it with other potential funders, and we definitely want to be involved’
  •  ‘That’s interesting!! Let’s meet later’
  • ‘Amazing direction. But I’m not sure I see the characters. Or the story?’
    • Vice versa
  • ‘Looks a lot more like a social media project than a doc’

The Winners!


  • Slots and funding may be shrinking worldwide
    • But the talent and drive to tell great documentary stories are undiminished
    • And today’s digital kit makes it easier and cheaper to get access and then create a pitch reel
  • CBC and other public broadcasters are key potential partners
    • Their remit excludes partisan reporting
    • So don’t bring them a film on a contentious issue that is already partly funded by an issue-driven foundation or individual
  • A single whinge
    • The loudest and often the most judgmental voices came from the commissioners with the puniest budgets
  • Amazing job … 
    • Hot Docs organizers! Filmmakers! Panelists! And volunteers!



1. Oprah’s OWN is in critical care

2. Why is Reality ever-rising? A new feature from The New Yorker
3. Reality Meets Porn.  Showtime takes Reality to the depths (April ’11)




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