Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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HGTV & Food: Dan Salerno’s Program Schedule Analysis & Takeaways For Producers. A Pact Webinar

HGTV and Food Network are among Discovery Networks’ ratings leaders. How are these female-targeted Lifestyle channels adapting to the accelerating shift to the streaming economy? Will Discovery’s channels really order 4,500 new hours in 2023? What do HGTV and Food want from producers? Veteran programming executive and respected senior consultant Dan Salerno continues his unique, […]

AIDC: Local Content Quotas for Aussie Streamers. Conversations with Simon Nasht & Dan Goldberg

I recently mingled with 800 delegates attending AIDC – the Australian International Documentary Conference – on a beautiful, late Summer day in Melbourne. Two award-winning producers described local industry highlights: Industry veteran Simon Nasht (Smith&Nasht) spoke about the uncertain impact on producers of forthcoming local content quotas on Netflix and the scaled-up streamers. And Mint Pictures’

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Star Chasers of Senegal: Terra Mater Studios / NOVA Fast-track Copro Premieres February 8

Star Chasers of Senegal premieres on PBS next Wednesday, February 8. Our inspiring Case Study reveals in great detail how indie producer / director Ruth Berry overcame the odds to forge a successful Terra Mater Studios / NOVA coproduction. Read the Case Study here. Our MIPCOM 2022 Coproduction panel video features TMS’s Sabine Holzer with

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Discovery Channel & Animal Planet: What are they buying? Dan Salerno’s deep analysis of their program schedules. A Pact Webinar

Are the channels still buying programs as we move into the Streaming Era? That’s the key question that I explore with veteran programming executive and highly-respected senior consultant, Dan Salerno. And if the channels are buyers, what does Dan’s deeply-researched study of their program schedules tell us about what they want from their producers? Dan