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AIDC: Local Content Quotas for Aussie Streamers. Conversations with Simon Nasht & Dan Goldberg

I recently mingled with 800 delegates attending AIDC – the Australian International Documentary Conference – on a beautiful, late Summer day in Melbourne. Two award-winning producers described local industry highlights: Industry veteran Simon Nasht (Smith&Nasht) spoke about the uncertain impact on producers of forthcoming local content quotas on Netflix and the scaled-up streamers. And Mint Pictures’ […]

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Star Chasers of Senegal: Terra Mater Studios / NOVA Fast-track Copro Premieres February 8

Star Chasers of Senegal premieres on PBS next Wednesday, February 8. Our inspiring Case Study reveals in great detail how indie producer / director Ruth Berry overcame the odds to forge a successful Terra Mater Studios / NOVA coproduction. Read the Case Study here. Our MIPCOM 2022 Coproduction panel video features TMS’s Sabine Holzer with

Discovery Channel & Animal Planet: What are they buying? Dan Salerno’s deep analysis of their program schedules. A Pact Webinar

Are the channels still buying programs as we move into the Streaming Era? That’s the key question that I explore with veteran programming executive and highly-respected senior consultant, Dan Salerno. And if the channels are buyers, what does Dan’s deeply-researched study of their program schedules tell us about what they want from their producers? Dan

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