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Agents: How They Help Develop, Pitch and Manage Projects for the Streamers. Webinar with Julie Link

A MIPDOC highlight was my MEET THE EXPERT session with Cologne-based Julie Link.

Julie is Co-Founder + Co-CEO of GLISK-Germany.

We later recorded this webinar that initially covered her career path from Texas to LA to Germany.

We then dug deep into her experience concerning the role of agents, comparing US and European industry practices.

Julie focused her analysis on the “Top 3 D’s” for Producers who want to work with agents: Data, Driving the Business, and Dealmaking.

Watch here (31 minutes)rk w


[00:30] Who is Julie Link? Meet the agent.

[2:00] Key moments of Julie’s career trajectory: From Paramount to Endemol to Relativity — to founding GLISK Germany.

[9:35] About GLISK: fiction, premium docs and a mix of reality.

[11:30] Top 3 Ds for Producers seeking Agents: Data, Driving the Business, and Dealmaking.

[14:30] Packaging: How to complete the pieces of the production puzzle.

[19:45] Dealmaking: Differences between the U.S. and Europe.

[25:30] Americans underestimate the scale and sophistication of the European market!

About JULIE LINK: Agent, Co-Founder + Co-CEO, GLISK-Germany

  • Julie Link is a producer and creative executive with over 20 years of experience at major studios in the U.S. and Europe.
  • She recently co-launched the production company GLISK, in partnership with Federation Studios, a global company that focuses on the creation, production, financing, and distribution of high-quality original productions via a stable of independent studios.
  • Before setting up her venture, Julie was Managing Director at Splendid Studios, and she held senior positions at Critical Content, Relativity Television, CBS Paramount, and worked at the William Morris Agency, Sony Pictures, and Endemol.
  • (Thanks to UTA’s Ra Kumar for connecting us with Julie)

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