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The Last MIPTV in Cannes: Expert Takeaways from Anne Olzmann & Liz Levenson with Dan Salerno. Webinar

It was a sad moment when MIPTV said goodbye to Cannes, its home since 1965.

I first attended MIPTV in 1986, and a Spring trip to Cannes has been an anchor, launchpad — and sometimes a life raft — for my career ever since.

Dan Salerno offered to produce a webinar that sheds light on the meaning to our industry of both MIPTV’s thriving years and now its sunset over the Riviera.

Liz Levenson (Cactus Tree/GRB Media Ranch, LA) and Anne Olzmann (Albatross, Leipzig) accepted Dan’s invitation, and we all jumped on a webinar produced by Caitlin Cooper.

Watch here (30′)


[1:40] Intro’s. Liz has attended MIPTV for 17 years.
[2:30] Peter on how the streaming model has scaled down the video and documentary ecosystem, and means fewer buyers and therefore fewer or reduced-size services, including markets. European pubcasters are relatively stable and playing a bigger role as buyers and partners.
[6:00] Liz describes how she organizes her travel and prep time to strengthen her MIPDOC / MIPTV outcomes. The changing concept of ‘documentary’ bolstered the importance of a forum like MIPDOC.
[8:40] Anne on sales strategy: the role serendipity and scheduled meetings at the Albatross sales stand.
[13:00] Liz experiences attendance without a stand for the first time. What are some of the impacts? What do buyers want? FAST channels. Political topics in an election year.
[17:00]  Anne: FASTs want worldwide rights / non-exclusive. Her focused catalog.
[18:00] Wildlife: Demand with or without people. Shelf life. is longer, compared for example with Current Affairs.
[20:00] Peter on the Politics topic raised at COPRO SUMMIT. Tightening of range of acceptable topics and treatments. Examples: banning Russian-language speaker on a non-political program; Berlinale controversy over documentary prize winner that sympathizes with Palestinians. We need to push back and explore challenging topics.
[24:00] Attending markets create comfortable relationships that can generate deals. How to organize he calendar without MIPTV? Impact on financial year reporting. NATPE. World Congress. Sunny Side. MIP London?
[27:00] Thanks to MIPTV for years (decades) of opportunities!! We’ll miss you! And Le Pizza.


Anne Olzmann is Managing Director of Albatross World Sales, since 2010 an international boutique distributor focusing on Nature & Wildlife, Science, Travel & Culture and History documentary programs for all media worldwide. Anne says: “We are a multicultural, young and light-hearted team, deeply passionate about documentaries, with a soft spot for quirky storytelling and high-end photography. And we aim to fly high! With 6 languages spoken by our international team, our mission is to distribute knowledge around the world and achieve maximum exposure for all titles.” Read more about Albatross here.

Liz Levenson is an international television executive who works with global platforms, producers, and distributors to develop and distribute top-quality content around the world. She is the co-founder of Cactus Tree Entertainment and EP of true crime series My Name is Reeva and documentaries The Ripple Effect and The Race for the Cure. Liz has shared her experience on panels and at conferences around the globe, including MIPTV, MIPCOM, Realscreen, NATPE and more. Prior to co-founding Cactus Tree Entertainment, Liz was the Vice President of Sales and Acquisitions at GRB Studios, and has held senior level positions at Pilgrim Studios, Rive Gauche Television, and CABLEready.

Dan Salerno’s career spans multiple platforms across the global television business. He has been a key member of the leadership team for established and emerging networks, with an emphasis on strategic planning and content development. Most recently National Geographic’s Head of Programming, focusing on programming, development, and strategy, Dan’s career also includes BBC, Gospel, Fuse, and the original launch team at Discovery and its sister channels.

Read about Peter Hamilton here.

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