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Trends in the Arts Documentary Category. A Podcast with Dr Reiner Moritz, Veteran Distributor & Producer

Today’s podcast guest from Munich is DR REINER MORITZ.

Our topic: Trends in the Arts Category, including Performances and Documentaries about the Arts.

Reiner Moritz is a highly-regarded industry veteran.

  • Dimitri Shostakovitch, Ann Sophie Mutter, Peter Brook, Herbert von Karajan, Robert Hughes…
  • He has been a friend and associate with more great artists, orchestras, broadcasters and production partners than I could list in several posts.
  • Now in his ‘Eighties, he remains an inspiring creative and commercial force.


  • Reiner Moritz is also in a brilliant position to review trends in the business.
  • He is the only professional who has attended every MIP event since its launch in the early ‘Sixties.

Reiner Moritz

In This Week’s Podcast

In 25 minutes, we cover:

  • How the international sales and coproduction model was launched in the ‘Sixties.
  • How it evolved.
  • What is driving the model today?
  • The key Arts players, then and now.
  • How aspiring producers can best make contact with buyers and partners.
  • And much, much more.

More Reading

And a Video Interview

  • Several years ago, I recorded on my phone a video interview with Reiner Moritz about the emergence in 1963 of MIPTV as a market for the exchange of international programs.
  • You can watch here.
  • Its a low quality video, but describes a very interesting moment in the history of our business!