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What’s the Buzz? Ten Categories. 43 Programs. Stand Outs at World Congress 2023

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What’s the Buzz? launched World Congress in Seattle last week.

The session’s curators were veteran programming exec and senior consultant Dan Salerno; Tom Brisley, Managing Director, Arrow Media; and Nathan Spencer, Development Producer, Arrow Media.

Dan, Tom and Nathan sifted through hundreds of deserving shows to capture forty-three factual programs that stood out for their subject, editorial approach or commercial impact.

Here are their buzzy notable picks for 2023:

MAKE SOME NOISE!Planet Earth IIIBBC Studios Natural History Unit
LimitlessNutopia/Wild State/Protozoa
Harry & MeghanStory Syndicate & Archewell Productions
Shark WeekVarious Producers
SCIENCE  MATTERSStar Chasers of SenegalTerra Matter Studios
Battle to Beat MalariaWingspan Productions & HHMI Tangled Bank Studios
Why Sharks AttackWindfall Films
Connections with James BurkeBigger Bang
The Playtpus GuardianWildBear Entertainment & Tetrapod Films
Rat CityInvert Films
Otter DynastyBeach House Films
Secret World of Sound with David AttenboroughHumble Films & Infield Fly Productions
TRUE CRIMEThe Curious Case of Natalia GraceHot Snakes Media
L’Affaire D’OutreauPont du Jour/Les Films du Balibari
Bad Surgeon: Love Under the KnifeNutopia
Mother UndercoverABC Studios & Pioneer Productions
The Jinx – Part TwoHit the Ground Running Productions
SOCIAL MEDIAThe PianoLove Productions
Big Manny’s Chicken CremationBig Manny
Nerdwriter’s Why Henry VIII’s CodPiece is So… MonumentalNerdwriter
Bizarre Punishments from Ancient RomeLittle Dot Studios
DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME!The Future with Hannah FryWindfall Films
The Banjo: Music, History, and HeritageWondrium
I Am MuslimMazDoc Productions
Baby Animal CamDigital Cinema Collective
HISTORY NOWJFK: One Day in America72 Films
The Aroma of HistoryBiliBili
Rise and Fall of the MayaPernel Media
Chasing Dragons: The Forgotten Knight of the Round TableZED
Amazing Dinoworld 2NHK/Bonne Pioche/Autentic
First WeaponsBlackfella Films & Inkey Media
Concorde: The Untold StoryBlink Films
Life on Our PlanetAmblin Television & Silverback
HUMAN / NATURENingaloo NyingguluArtemis Media
Call of the OrcasPlumb Productions
Colonies in ConflictElephant Corridor Films
Arctic Ascent with Alex HonnoldPlimsoll Productions
UNTOLD STORIESI’m an Alcoholic: Inside RecoveryDaisybeck Studios
The Real Wild WestRoller Coaster Road Productions
1945 – The Children of ChaosElephant Doc/Kwassa Films/Vertigo Films
My Name is ReevaBloodrose Production, Global City Group & Cactus Tree Entertainment

Award Winners

Case Study

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