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Documentary Landscape: Year-End Snapshot. A Pact Webinar with Dan Salerno

I spend many hours in conversation with veteran programming executive Dan Salerno interrogating the industry data and charts that land on our desks.

We always ask ourselves: What does the data reveal for factual producers?

Today’s webinar recaptures the spirit of those conversations by exploring the trends revealed by six slides.

This is episode #9 in a series on industry trends co-produced by Pact, the UK producers’ association and Documentary Business.

Watch here (29 min)



  • [1:25] U.S. TV households. Cable subs and most distributed networks.
  • [5:25] Global subs: Netflix, Disney+. Paramount+ and Peacock.
  • [6:20] Streamer profitability: Only Netflix is operating at a profit.
  • [13:30] Netflix dominates viewing: Will Paramount+ and Peacock need to sell or merge?
  • [18:00] Beckham is hot. What does its success tell us about viewing on streamers of documentaries that aren’t hits?
  • [23:15] Looking ahead: Use tools like my NETFLIX database to discern program ideas with the best chance of success.

Ten U.S. Channels: What Are They Buying?

“Linear still matters!” is the theme of my Pact webinars with Dan on the U.S. channels’ programming strategies:

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  • Aimee Shimmin produces our webinar series for Pact.
  • Caitlin Cooper is associate editor for Documentary Business.

About Dan Salerno

Dan Salerno has been a key member of the leadership team for established and emerging networks, with an emphasis on strategic planning and content development. Most recently National Geographic’s Head of Programming, focusing on programming, development, and strategy, Dan’s career also includes BBC, Gospel, Fuse, and the original launch team at Discovery and its sister channels.

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