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True Crime Booms: What Producers Need to Know Before They Pitch. My Pact UK Webinar with StoryCentric’s Ed Hersh

Ed Hersh is a leading authority on True Crime programming.

For Pact UK, we unpack the latest industry trends in the seemingly unlimited appetite for true crime programming on every platform.

We discuss how the definition of True Crime programming is expanding; what producers need to know, and much more.

Watch Now (22′)

About Ed Hersh

  • Ed Hersh is a my fellow New York-based senior consultant.
  • As a commissioning editor at A&E, Court TV and Investigation Discovery, he was an architect of their True Crime programming.
  • He has his own company now, StoryCentric, advising networks and producers on their development, pitching and storytelling strategies, with a special focus on True Crime.
  • You can contact Ed at [email protected]

Pact Partnership

  • Pact has teamed up with Documentary Business to present Industry Trends: News Roundup, a new Pact Growth Accelerator series exploring key industry trends in handy bite-sized chunks.
  • Pact members and my newsletter readers can look forward to new episodes dropping every 2-3 weeks.
  • Upcoming editions are set to explore: Channels & their Streamers: Programming Strategies Under the Microscope, How Streaming Math Drives Production Cuts, and U.S. Audience Trends.
  • Dawn McCarthy-Simpson, Managing Director of Business Development & Global Strategy, Pact, says: “Peter is an expert in his field so it’s great to be able to share his knowledge and insights – as well as those of his guests – in this new series for Pact members.”

More: My Podcast with Ed Hersh

Partnering with pact UK

  • Thanks to Dawn McCarthy-Simpson for proposing and launching our expanded content partnership, and to Aimee Boyce for producing our first episode.

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