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Reelz Explodes into the Top-Tier of U.S. Networks. How They Did It! A Pact Webinar

Reelz is currently the most-watched U.S. entertainment network on Fridays and Saturdays.

It has not just grown, but exploded into a top-tier service — and in a matter of weeks!

Veteran programming executive and respected senior consultant Dan Salerno continues his unique, deeply-researched strategic analysis of U.S. network schedules.

  • How does the success of On Patrol: Live drive the Reelz schedule?
  • Does it reinforce the powerful True Crime genre?
  • As Reelz looks to build on its success, what are they seeking from producers?

This is episode #6 in a series co-produced by Pact, the UK producers’ association and Documentary Business.

Watch here (26 min)

[2:50] How Reelz capitalized on a content gap after A&E canceled Live PD.

[8:00] The strategy behind Reelz’s weekend programming.

[9:38] Reelz’s reach: how a single show turned the fortunes of a network.

[13:15] How viewership of On Patrol: Live compares to other leading networks.

[14:50] Will Reelz acquire new content for other weeknights?

[19:00] What the future holds for the police reality genre.


Here is Dan’s Reelz schedule as featured in the webinar. Don’t be put off by the detail. His message is that “the colors tell the story!”

Download our complete Reelz PPT presentation here.

On Patrol: Live

What are the Channels Buying?

“Linear still matters!” is the theme of my Pact webinars with Dan on the U.S. channels’ programming strategies:

About Dan Salerno

Dan Salerno’s career spans multiple platforms across the global television business. He has been a key member of the leadership team for established and emerging networks, with an emphasis on strategic planning and content development. Most recently National Geographic’s Head of Programming, focusing on programming, development, and strategy, Dan’s career also includes BBC, Gospel, Fuse, and the original launch team at Discovery and its sister channels.

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  • Aimee Shimmin produces our webinar series for Pact.
  • Caitlin Cooper is associate editor for Documentary Business.