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The Sunny Side Vibe: More Takeaways from South Africa, Beijing & Taiwan, Australia and France

Beginning with Ruby Chen on the dock, following are insightful delegate interviews captured by Madelyn Most in compatible La Rochelle.

Ruby Chen is co-Founder and CEO of CNEX  Foundation based in Beijing China which is dediated to supporting artistic documentaries about contemporary Chinese life.

Marie Ange Billot-Thebaud is a writer, director, producer of Jatropha Films Productions based in Toulouse, France.

Pheello Mochele is a documentary filmmaker and Director at Naleli M  Holdings, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Obakeng Malope is a documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur from South Africa.

Jan Vasak is a writer, director, producer at Day for Night Productions, Paris that specializes in documentaries and films with political themes.

Lowlands Media (Australia) principal Robert de Young has a keen interest in directing and producing documentaries on Hollywood history and popular culture and recent films include Tasmanian Devil: the fast and furious life of Errol Flynn, Mother of Rock: Lillian Roxon, Mad as Hell: Peter Finch, Rod Taylor: Pulling No Punches (in post) and Gone with the Ape: 100 years of Tarzan (in development).