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Thessaloniki Takeaway. Video: Trends in the Documentary Distribution Business by Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit International

What are the key trends for 2015 in documentary distribution?

Jan Rofekamp is president & ceo of Films Transit International and a veteran documentary sales agent based in Montreal.

  • He has been associated with many classics and major award-winners.
  • My top pick among these is Noam Chomsky on ‘Manufacturing Consent’.
  • His catalog is here and at

We caught up in Thessaloniki where Jan kindly shared his Takeaways, which I captured on my phone.

He talks about:

  • Overall demand is stable, though with declining prices.
  • Producers enjoy access to buyers at small festivals like Thessaloniki.
  • European training workshops are valuable ebcause they help develop projects and mentor producers.
  • And more!