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Cezame: Your Partner in Creating Music for Documentaries

Cezame Music Agency was originally dedicated exclusively to music for documentaries.

Founded and led by Frédéric Leibovitz since 2003, Cezame has since stood true to its roots in the documentary production process.

Original Compositions:

  • We are constantly producing original music with the conviction that music for image is a vital creative field in its own right.
  • Authenticity is a goal that we share with our composers.
  • Their work is aimed at both audio-visual professionals and the wider, music-loving audience with an ear for quality and originality.


  • Cezame also offers a large collection of classical music from all eras.
  • The Cezame team has brought together a host of labels from across all musical borders.
  • We represent Ocora Radio France, one of the most prestigious ethno-musicological record labels, as well as two Classical Music labels.

Search Engine Screenshot

Search Engine

  • Cezame Music Agency provides its users with an especially innovative and efficient search engine.
  • Its unique features to support Production Music include a multi-criteria search bar that gives results in order of relevance.
  • Tagging represents a large part of our work, and is now part of our DNA.

Expert Consultants

  • However, no matter how good the search engine is, at some point, musical search needs conversation.
  • Our team of six expert music consultants is here to help in your search!
  • Our clients are based worldwide.
  • Our website is in five languages: English, French, Chinese, German and Spanish.

Creative Mission: Become Your Partner

  • For many documentary producers and directors, Music is the last creative process that you’ll address.
  • But Cezame’s mission is to become your partner from the moment your production starts. That’s how we can get fully involved in your project !
  • We are convinced that Music has an important role to play in the evolution of documentary filmmaking.

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