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Netflix: 73 New Releases Streamed in November

Netflix is flooding subscribers with 73 original releases, series and specials.

In November!

  • A friend who is a veteran cable programming exec calls it “stunning.”
  • I agree:
    • That’s what an estimated $12 billion (2018) and $15 billion (2019) content spend can deliver.
    • For consumers, its a powerful motivator to retain their Netflix subscription.
    • It underlines Netflix’s massive first-to-market advantage versus Apple, Disney, HBO Max and others.
    • And highlights the barrier to entry for any new streaming service.

Below, thanks to BGR newsletter, is the “complete” list for this month.

  • Seven documentary Originals are highlighted in red.
    • Two of these are titled in Spanish, and a 3rd is a Maradona biodoc.
    • It looks like Netflix is bolstering its appeal to U.S. Latinos, as well as to the Spanish-language market worldwide.
  • For your GPS to Netflix’s documentary strategy and key buyer contacts, my original database of 230+ Netflix commissions and acquisitions is a feature of my new NETFLIX 2020 study, which you can purchase and download here.

Consumers Accelerate Move to Streaming 

  • Meanwhile, a useful survey (free here) from Hub Entertainment Research found that 63% of U.S. respondents identified “online” as the main source of their favorite TV show, vs. 35% who said it is their pay-TV set-top box.
  • The 28 point gap is a big jump from the 2018 survey which found a 56%-44% divide in favor of online.

Netflix Original Releases, November 2019

November 1


November 5

November 6


November 8

November 9

November 10

November 11

November 12

November 13

November 14

November 15

November 17

November 19

  • Iliza: Unveiled — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • No hay tiempo para la verguenza — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

November 20

November 21

November 22

November 23

  • Mike Birbiglia: The New One — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Super Monsters Save Christmas — NETFLIX FAMILY
  • True: Winter Wishes — NETFLIX FAMILY

November 27

  • The Irishman — NETFLIX FILM

November 28

  • Holiday Rush — NETFLIX FILM
  • John Crist: I Ain’t Prayin For That — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Merry Happy Whatever — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

November 29

Date TBD